Calcutta Interiors in the press

Our history

Our factory, founded in 1848, is the oldest, still active, weaving mill in Belgium. A strong historical tie with the rich Flemish weaving tradition helped us to evolve from a linen mill to a world leader in luxury textiles in wall covering and window fashion.

After more than 160 years we can proudly glance back to a rich past and confidently embrace a very promising future, devoted to innovation, quality and service.

Thanks to almost two centuries of experience, Asanderus provides luxurious and exclusive textile wallcovering of the highest quality. Asanderus stands for outstanding quality and traditional art and craftmanship since 1848!

Our wallcovering

Asanderus Luxurious Wallcovering is not just a common wallpaper but a unique high technical woven textile.

Why Calcutta Interiors?

 We use a variety of techniques and different tones to emphasize the beauty of textile on your walls. If you are looking for an acoustic solution in combination with a nice designed wallcovering, Calcutta Interiors is your partner. Besides wallcovering Calcutta Interiors offers you a full concept of interior textiles according to your taste, mood and spirit.

Europe's only e-commerce site for woven textile wall covering delivering from the factory to your door! Discover a stunning variety of designs, colours, structures and styles.


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