House of New Linen, European quality linnen for sustainable and sophisticated interiors worldwide

High-quality linen products for interior applications, that is the core of House of New Linen.

We design, develop and produce premium wall coverings in Belgium. Our products are offered and applied worldwide in the contract and residential project market.

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Our Products

We have been producing our high-quality linen products since the 1960s. The best-known collection of wall coverings, with distinctive vertical linen yarns, is produced according to a protected production method in our own production facility in Belgium. This product has been used for many years in both contract and residential interiors.
Designers love our wallcoverings because the main component is linen, a sustainable resource, and our products perform very well in terms of maintenance and fire resistance.


The new reference Naava is a woven wall covering that adds a range of new possibilities in addition to our original collection. The collection is fire-resistant to the M1 standard, is water and dirt-repellent and has a lightfastness of >5 (ISO I05-B2). This makes the Naava the ideal wall solution for the most demanding projects.

Who are we?

Our products are manufactured by a passionate team of specialists in our factory in the historic Belgian textile region around Ghent. Together we work on building our unique products and collections with specialists in every step of the process.

Our production process starts with the fiber, where we monitor with our partners that it meets strict quality requirements and is of local origin. At the factory, our team works closely with engineers, craftsmen and designers to develop innovative new products. We are in constant dialogue with our customers in order to be able to quickly respond to market demands.

As a manufacturer, we are flexible to think along the entire line, and we actively position ourselves as a reliable and service-oriented partner.

Together we work on sustainable and inspired linen interior solutions.

Why choose linen?

Western Europe, especially the south of the Netherlands, Belgium and northern France, is the number one linen producing region in the world. House of New Linen guarantees, through vertical integration and historically grown partnerships, a European premium quality linen product, made from fibers created by sustainable agricultural production, with respect for the planet, without irrigation or genetic modification.

For us, linen is therefore the number one choice for any interior. We want to inspire everyone worldwide to use linen by developing innovative and sustainable products. We do this by producing with local raw materials, using solar energy and preventing water waste through reuse.

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Sustainable High-quality Linen

Sustainable High-quality Linen

Vertically integrated manufacturer

Vertically integrated manufacturer

Flexible Approach

Flexible Approach

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