Have you ever felt deeply moved by the sight of ripples on a calm, quiet lake? Or flocks of birds making patterns in the sky at sunset? Or the wind rustling through cherry blossoms in spring? Then you’ve probably experienced yūgen—even if you didn ’t know it.

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Up and running

Up and Running is the perfect description for what this brand new collection of fashionable wallcoverings stands for. It has been developed to combine beauty, functionality and sustainability. It can be used to add functionality to your living space or bring a cosy feeling to your working space. It merges residential and commercial spheres.

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Our showroom is a Design Hub for interior designers offering them the platform in the oldest weaving factory in Belgium to advise customers for their specific interior textiles for wall, window covering, floor and upholstery combined with art, high end parket and luxury lighting.

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Calcutta Interiors showroom


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