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Asanderus's latest range, Hermitage is inspired bij the 'State Hermitage Museum' in Saint Petersburg. Founded in 1754, it is one of the largest and oldest art and culture museums in the world. Hermitage incorporates classics and modern, and consists of six elaborate medallion designs from Donna to Persival, Dorian, Cybele, Caprice and Bouquet. Its elegant palette is as diverse as its namesake, including such colorways as Gold, Mink, Champagne, Azur, Grey Pure, Dusty Pink, Turquoise, Pacific Blue and Thyme Green. This timeless collection combines classic patterns and medallions giving a sense of history without being old fashioned.

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Our showroom is a Design Hub for interior designers offering them the platform in the oldest weaving factory in Belgium to advise customers for their specific interior textiles for wall, window covering, floor and upholstery combined with art, high end parket and luxury lighting.

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