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Galloping horses leave tracks. Their long heads held high. They are swept along by the wind. Horsemen, dense scrub, trees and their crown, the plumage of striking exotic birds. The moment is intact. It are the Flemish masters who are showing their colours. Something they've been doing for centuries now. The whole world knows it. Flemish tapestry, a hallmark from the Middle Ages till now, is art at its best. Unfaded, genuine, inventive, radiant and exclusive. Asanderus. In the 17th century, the Indian port supplied the mill with its raw material and gave its name to the company. In those days, Asanderus specialized in weaving jute products, for bags and rugs. The first expansion of the business came when sisal carpets and needle felt were added to the range. The highest rate of growth was when Asanderus invested its know-how and experience into textile wallcoverings. The product of the future. Add to that, these days, all types of interior sun protection and technical weaves, and you have the total textile experience synonymous with the new-look Asanderus! 150 years in the business is quite something. Asanderus combines the experience of at least as many years with today’s state-of-the-art technology. The result? The Flemish art of tapestry weaving can be yours today! Asanderus has managed to bring an outstanding and stylish product, like textile wallcoverings, within the pocket of most people. In this book, with its exclusive samples, real class is given a whole new face, that of brand personality. Take a look. Take your pick. And enjoy!

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Our showroom is a Design Hub for interior designers offering them the platform in the oldest weaving factory in Belgium to advise customers for their specific interior textiles for wall, window covering, floor and upholstery combined with art, high end parket and luxury lighting.

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